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Oak Frame Homes

Key Information:

  • Q: How much will the Oak Frame for my new home cost?
  • A: This will depend on the style and extent of the Oak Framing involved in your build, but generally you can work it out by multiplying the ground floor area (in square metres) by a number between £300 and £600. The average is around £400. Please see our information sheet for more information:

  • Q: What is your typical involvement for a new-build, oak-framed home?
  • A: We will typically undertake the design, craft and erection of the structural, green oak frame. In addition to this, we offer encapsulation systems - insulated external walls and roof structure - and bespoke joinery (windows and doors).
  • Q: Will you manage my build?
  • A: If your job is local to us we are happy to undertake the project management. Otherwise we always recommend engaging a local project manager if it something you feel you can not undertake yourself.
  • Q: How long will my Oak Frame take to build?
  • A: Again, this will vary from project to project, but as a rule of thumb please allow 12-16 weeks from signing the contract to our arrival on site.

Oak Frame Styles:

Traditional or 'black and white'


This style is derived from the typical black-and-white houses found all over Britain. The Oak Frame is visible both inside and out, and has insulated 'infill' panels between the Oak members.

Whilst this method performs a little worse than the encapsulated styles it is still currently possible to meet modern Building Control requirements provided good design methods and details are utilised


Post & Beam

IMG_2052.JPGLiterally, this style simply means a structural frame formed of vertical 'Posts' and horizontal 'Beams', traditionally connected with pegged mortice and tenon joints, and braced at the relevant corners by diagonal timber members. In form it is derived from the american houses of the last few centuries, but in reality has evolved to be far more varied and encompassing than this. 

Post & Beam structures can be encapsulated with various methods such as our specialist encapsulation systems, or conventional brick and block. It can also be directly glazed, giving rise to the option of clean, contemporary lines with lots of light from large glazed areas.



Encapsulation Systems.


Encapsulation systems are available for the oak framed buildings we produce, and generally incorporate the external walls and roof structure of the building. They come pre-insulated and with service voids built in, ready for the other trades to get to work. We can manufacture and install all Joinery in our workshop, meaning the building is truly a 'dry shell' the moment we leave site.

  • We can offer several Wall and Roof panel systems for your new home, with U-values down to below 0.1 Wm2 k.
  • Our systems are pre-manufactured in our workshops in order to provide a fast and efficient method of construction. 
  • Costs for our 0.13 U-value wall panels are around £135 per square metre. This includes service batten, sheathing, air-tightness membrane (VCL), structural frame, insulation, external breather membrane and external fixing battens if required.

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